Try an Old Fashion Wooden Tree Swing instead of Video Games

Posted by E. Fickling on 12/16/2017
If you are like me, a forty something, then you can still remember a time when things were much simpler and life moved much slower.  You watched cartoons on Saturday morning then you played all day outside until it was time to come in and eat supper.  If you were like me, there was a rustic old wooden tree swing  that us kids played on all of the time.  Now days, it is hard to get kids to even go outside...most are stuck playing video games and the such.  Most will never know  of or have the experience of playing on that old rustic tree swing like you did.  That is where you come in.  Give a child the memory of an old tree swing.  Buy a your kids a tree swing today or buy one for yourself and relive those memories from years gone by. Just swing.  Carolina Custom Swings can make this a reality for you. www.CarolinaSwings.com

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