3/4" REAL Manila Swing Rope by the Foot

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100% REAL 3/4" Manila Rope
Made in the Philippines

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Manila rope is  made from Abaca fibers, a plant which is a natural resource of the Philippines.  There are other countries producing the same fibers but the quality of  Philippines fibers are beyond comparison. Manila rope has some special features  that synthetic rope cannot take place: the texture that gives a firm grip with  very little stretch; its knot holds well and will not slide; it has a tan color  and is lightly treated to prevent rot. The tensile strength of Manila Rope is  stronger than Sisal rope. Elongation of Manila rope is very minimal compared to  synthetic ropes, which were prone to stretching and breaking. 

Advantages of  REAL Manila Rope

  • Firm (Better)  Gripping

  • Tan Color

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Stronger Tensile  Strength compared to Sisal Rope

  • Minimal Elongation  limiting Stretching & Breaking

  • Custom Lengths cannot be returned.

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