Our Exotic Collection

Coming Soon - October 26th, 2019

Featuring Woods from All Over the World

Bocate  /  Central America  / Color/  light - golden brown.

Bubinga  / Eastern Africa/  Color /  has a resemblance to rose wood, heart wood is pink to vivid red, or a red brown with purple streaks. 

Red Heart /  Central America/  Color/  Red Brown

Guanacaste /  Coasta Rica / Color / Redish brown, light weight.

Yellow Heart /  Brazil /

Purple Heart /  South America / Color / Purple, to preserve the color apply color stabilizer. 

Spanish Cedar / Central South America/ Color /  Pinkish heart wood, but hen exposed Red Brown  or Red Purple tone.   

Padauk / Central/West Africa Hardwood / Color/ Heartwood color can vary, ranging from a pale pinkish orange to a deep brownish red.